Volume XVIII

No. 10 - December 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Is virtual reality the next BIG THING?
  3. Ocean5 wins Best New Center - Lounge/Restaurant design award
  4. Google is updating Maps as a B2C app
  5. Recent articles and in the press
  6. Construction cost increases challenging feasibility
  7. Most loved non-alcoholic drinks & their fastest growing flavors
  8. Home-basing - the new competition
  9. Miniature golf design for tomorrow
  10. A new generation of moms in on the way
  11. Willingness to spend time and money in a restaurant based on the noise level
  12. Update on the Tchotchke Index - what does it really tell us?
  13. eSports growing in popularity and coming to Walmart
  14. Trends reshaping dining out

No. 9 - October-November 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Ocean5 & Table 47 awarded LEED Silver Certification
  3. Having a positive impact means more than money for employees
  4. The latest on social media users
  5. Married-couples across the generations
  6. Expanding popularity of different games for social venues
  7. Pumpkin flavor time
  8. Old school eatertainment concepts losing the "eats"
  9. Plant-forward eating trend
  10. The truth about the mall apocalypse and the future of retail
  11. Eatertainment has gone to the dogs
  12. The winners of the 2018 Blended Burger Project
  13. Changing market share for community-based entertainment

No. 8 - September 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. A snapshot at out-of-home 'entertainments' True Reality
  3. College educated women delaying motherhood
  4. It's time to kill the FEC Industry (name)
  5. American's pizza obsession
  6. Holey Moley, it's a mini golf cocktail bar
  7. What's happening with at-home and mobile screen video game play?
  8. Is your center Snapchat geofenced?
  9. Time saved, or time well spent?
  10. Decline in births now equals the drop during the Great Depression
  11. What matters, income or education?

No. 7 - August 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Brailling the leisure culture
  3. Structure changes responsible for baby bust?
  4. The rise of festival competition to community-based entertainment venues
  5. Americans' diets are diverse
  6. The rise of agritainment/agritourism
  7. The changing composition of bowlers
  8. Who is "middle class" and "upper income"?
  9. What we eat has changed
  10. Digital screen time on the increase

No. 6 - July 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Doc Brundy's Delectable Diversions opens
  3. Why Americans are having fewer babies
  4. The great entertainment bifurcation
  5. A challenging employment landscape
  6. What do attendees at sports and live events really want?
  7. Who's the best target market for community leisure venues?

No. 5 - May-June 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Ocean5 and Table 47 holding grand opening celebration
  3. The return of the 1980 Rock-afire Explosion Band
  4. The demise of repeat appeal
  5. Younger adults earning less than in the past
  6. Rufus & Bee opens in Lagos, Nigeria
  7. There's a dark storm brewing on the horizon
  8. Financing for your CLV and FEC project
  9. Where have all the babies gone?
  10. New hybrid entertainment center opens

No. 3 - April 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Follow tomorrow's food culture trends or be in peril
  3. Which generation spends the most on F&B away from home?
  4. Doc Brundy's nearing completion
  5. Skate to where the puck is going to be
  6. Who uses social media?
  7. Pinball renaissance
  8. Table 47 & Ocean5 now open
  9. Move over cows, here come the plants
  10. Update on the Tchotchke Index

No. 2 - February-March 2018

  1. Randy's travelogue - journey to Milan, Italy & FICO Eataly World
  2. When something goes wrong, apologize, apologize, apologize to the customer: WRONG!
  3. Doc Brundy's sodacad under construction
  4. Changes to the leisure time landscape and its impact on out-of-home entertainment and arts
  5. Restaurant campers
  6. It's a beautiful Saturday
  7. iGen and Clean Lifers partying, drinking & hanging out less
  8. The six laws of customer experience
  9. Fighting for out-of-home entertainment participation & spending
  10. Clean restrooms means more revenues and profit
  11. Short introduction to Urban Neuroscience
  12. The future ain't what it used to be

No. 1 - January 2018

  1. Editor's corner
  2. Movie attendance, a canary in a coal mine for CLVs?
  3. Dining survey reveals irritants and deal breakers
  4. Is my town large enough for a CLV or FEC?
  5. Beware of the deadly customer
  6. Changing food behaviors & beliefs
  7. The resurgence of duckpin bowling
  8. Kick Axe opens
  9. Table stakes at restaurants are no longer enough
  10. Which generation spends the most on community leisure?
  11. 15 factoids on customer service
  12. Alcohol, Millennials and Gen-Z