College educated women delaying motherhood

Women are delaying motherhood longer than in to the past. The median age of first-time mothers is now 26, compared with 23 back in1994. Women pursuing college degrees are delaying motherhood the longest. The average age of first-time mothers with a college degree is 30.3 compared to 23.8 without a college degree.

The education of the mothers of children being targeted for a children's entertainment/edutainment center has an influence most likely on the family's income. As the chart below shows, college educated mothers of with children age 6 or younger are generally older than mothers without a college degree. The peak age for college degree mothers is 35 compared to 30 for ones without a degree.

Since there is a correlation between age (adults incomes generally increase with age) and education (higher educated adults generally have higher incomes), targeting children from families with college degree mothers is the best option, as they will have more discretionary incomes to visit a community leisure venue that targets younger children.