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More on the importance of a mandatory mask requirement

In last week’s blog, I discussed the importance of location-based entertainment venues, including family entertainment centers, having a mandatory face requirement to maximize their current attendance and revenues.

Here’s some more current data on peoples’ beliefs and behaviors concerning masks.

The percent of people reporting they are wearing a face mask at all times or sometimes but not always has changed little much since July. 87% currently report currently wearing a mask.

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Two-thirds of adults consider wearing a face mask more of a preventative measure. It’s 85% among Democrats.

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The USC Center for Economic and Social Research’s Understanding Coronavirus in America tracking survey that is updated daily for a 7-day average shows that as of today, 88.5% of adults currently consider wearing a face mask effective for keeping safe from the coronavirus.

For location-based entertainment destinations to grow their attendances out of pandemic lows, the above data further confirms it is essential to have a mandatory mask requirement to make as many people as possible feel as safe and comfortable as possible, the majority of whom believe in and are currently wearing a mask.

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