Children's Project Experience

Since 1989, the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group has been conducting market and economic feasibility studies; developing brand identities and mascots; providing full architectural, interior and landscape design and consulting for all types of location-based children destination facilities including children's:

  • Edutainment centers
  • Play cafes
  • Entertainment centers
  • Play and discovery centers
  • Play and discovery dining rooms
  • Discovery farms
  • Adventure play gardens
  • Drop-in child care facilities

The following lists some of our more significant projects:

Abcarino, Jeddah & Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Assisting the Al-Hokair Group with design, operations consulting and curriculum development for Abcarino (Smart Kids) in Jarir Mall in Jeddah and their freestanding unit in Riyadh. Abcarino is a new concept that includes walk-in children's enrichment workshops, a children's play and discovery (edutainment) pretend village, games, a toy store and a coffee shop.
Bamboola, San Jose, CA, USA
Full feasibility and design for this 24,000 square foot indoor children's edutainment center and 4,000 square foot outdoor children's adventure playground. Opened 1997, closed 2007.
BellaBoo's Play & Discovery  Center, Gary/Lake Station, IN, USA
Completed feasibility and full brand identity, architectural, interior and site design for this 22,000 SF indoor and 2-acre outdoor children's play and discovery (edutainment) center being developed by the Lake County, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department.  Opened September 2009.
Club Like, 6th of October, Cairo, Egypt
Currently in full design and production for North Africa's first children's edutainment and enrichment center. The center will be 2,300 square meters with an outdoor adventure play garden (naturalized playground) and features children's hands-on, interactive pretend play, two cafes, enrichment workshops and a rooftop birthday party/celebration center. We previously conducted the site evaluation and market and financial feasibility for the center.
  Children's Discovery Museum, Hyderabad, India
Consulting on lease negotiations and preparing feasibility and preliminary design for a new children's discovery museum in a mall under development
  Children's Edutainment Center, Chantilly, VA
Completed feasibility and preliminary design for an indoor/outdoor children's edutainment center.
  Children's Edutainment Center, Querétaro, Mexico
Completed feasibility for a children's play cafe center.
  Children's Edutainment Center, Richmond, Texas
Completed market feasibility and developing financial projections, cost estimate and preliminary plan for a church operated children's edutainment center.
  Children's Entertainment Center, Managua, Nicaragua
Worked with client on site selection and feasibility for a children's entertainment/edutainment center.
Davis' Farmland, Sterling, MA, USA
Conducted the original and phase two expansion feasibility and designs for this popular farm-based children's discovery farm. Includes children's spraygrounds. Have maintained an on-going consulting relationship with client since 1995. Other agritainment experience.
Dinotropolis, Caracas, Venezuela
Full feasibility and design for 60,000 square foot children's entertainment and edutainment center. Opened 1996, closed 2006.
  Dubai, U.A.E.Concept development and design for a 1000-square-meter Children's Academy with 12 children's enrichment workshops for school field trips, scheduled classes and drop-in classes.
Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, Wyoming, USA
We designed renovation plans for the childcare facility used by families visiting this summer and winter resort in the Teton Mountains. Work included new floor plans, children's furniture specifications, new flooring, new check-in area and acoustical treatments for the rooms. The child care center is located at the base of the Teton Mountains in a two-room log cabin used for children under the age of 5 during ski season and used for summer camps sponsored by the Grand Targhee Institute, which provides environmentally-based programs for local children during June, July and August.
  Helio Center, Da Nang, Vietnam
Performed full feasibility study and fully designed the 14,400 sm (155,000 SF) building and interior and the 22,300 sm (4-acre) outdoor entertainment area of Helio Center that includes a 1297 sm (14,000 SF) indoor children's edutainment center with a 1590 sm (17,000 SF) outdoor discovery play garden.
  Hong Kong, SAR, Children's Play & Discovery Center
Conducted initial feasibility and site selection for a new chain of private club children's play and discovery and enrichment centers.
Hukoo's Family Fun, Orlando, FL
Conducted market, financial and facility audit and consulted on renovations and marketing to grow the business.
Johnson's Corner Farm, Medford, NJ
Completed market and economic feasibility and preliminary plans for a children's discovery play farm addition to this popular agritainment facility that includes u-pick fields and a farm store.
Kid's Club, Erlanger, KY, USA
4,000 square foot drop-in child care center in Silverlake Family Recreation Center. 2002
Kid's Club, Fort Mitchell, KY, USA
4,000 square foot drop-in child care center in Better Bodies' health club. Opened 2002.
 Kuwait City, Kuwait - Completed market and financial feasibility and concept development and design for a two-story, 7,300-square-meter children's edutainment and enrichment center that includes 25 different play activities for children, an upscale café, a multi-purpose movie and live performance theatre, private birthday party rooms and five children enrichment workshops.
  Lagos, Nigeria
Completed preliminary plans, cost estimate and financial projections for a 4,190- square-meter (45,000 square foot) indoor-outdoor children's play and discovery (edutainment) and enrichment center that will also include a learn-to-swim pool and an outdoor discovery playground.
LouLou Al Dugong's, Dubai, UAE
Our work included market and economic feasibility, full design, equipment procurement, staff procurement and training and management start-up assistance for this 25,000 square foot children's edutainment centre. 2000
  Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Conducting feasibility and concept designs for a Bahraini lady entrepreneur for development of a 2,500 square meter indoor children's edutainment (play and discovery) center with 3,500 square meters of outdoor play garden and spraygrounds.
  MaryGolds, Lanham, MD
Completing design of a family event center that includes birthday party rooms and a children's play area in addition to a 200-room banquet room and full-service kitchen.
NAS Brunswick RecMall, Naval Air Station, Brunswick, ME, USA
Designed US Navy's first family entertainment center and recreation mall that includes children's play area. 2002
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, PA, USA
Designing a 46,000 square foot restaurant-entertainment center that will include a children's discovery play center with an outdoor adventure play garden for children 2 to 8 years old.  Opening late 2008.
  Nibbles' Play Café, Wheeling, IL, USA
Completed market and economic feasibility and design for this stay-at-home mothers play café.  Opening late 2007.
Paradise Park, Lee's Summit, MO, USA
A children's edutainment center occupies approximate one-half of the new 38,000 square foot family entertainment center that includes 25,000 square outdoor children's adventure playground. Conducted feasibility and full design. Opened 2004.
  Play Café, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Assisting client with initial phases of feasibility and site evaluation for a 6,000 square foot play café. 2007.
Playland,, Bogota, Columbia
Consulted with the Playland chain of children’s and family entertainment centers on renovation of one of their centers.
Silverlake - The Family Place, Erlanger, KY USA
Conducting feasibility and designs for a major addition to the Silverlake Recreations and Fitness Center that will include family entertainment, a destination restaurant with a discovery play dining room for stay-at-home mothers, a learn-to-swim pool, children's enrichment workshops and birthday party facilities.
Stomping Grounds Playground, Sugar Land, TX
Assisted owners with evaluation of current design, pricing, food and beverage, marketing, membership programs, marketing, other management areas and site evaluation for 2nd location.
StoneFire Pizza Co., New Berlin, WI, USA
This 37,000 square foot family pizza buffet-entertainment center designed and produced (including full brand identity) by White Hutchinson, includes a discovery play dining room designed for families with young children and weekday stay-at-home moms. Opened November 2007.

StoneFire Pizza Co
., Kenosha, WI, USA
Completed full architectural, interior and site design for this 2nd 54,000 square foot unit, which will include both a discovery play dining room and an outdoor discovery playground. Opening late 2008.
Totter's Otterville, Covington, KY, USA
Designed a 10,000 square foot children's edutainment center located inside Johnny's Toys toy store. Opened 2001.
Wol-Ha, Cancun, Mexico
Feasibility, design and equipment procurement for 35,000 square foot bowling and children's edutainment center. Opened 1995

In addition to the above projects, we have conducted numerous feasibility studies, site evaluations, prepared preliminary and schematic designs and acted as consultants on children's entertainment, edutainment and play venues. Our Children's Learning Environments Division has designed numerous children's playgrounds, naturalized playgrounds, play gardens and children's play areas. Click here for more information.