Firsts & Innovations

At the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group we believe in being innovative, creative and developing original concepts for our clients’ projects, but only if based upon proven and successful principals. Innovation for innovation sake is rarely successful. We shy away from innovative technology until it has a track record of success and reliability. The problem with much technology, and especially computer-driven technology such as virtual reality, is that it is expensive and becomes quickly outdated. Also, often the early spurt of interest in new products by early adopters is not followed with repeat business from a larger customer base. We have found that the key to success is to have attractions and designs that are timeless as possible.

WHLLG has produced the following firsts in the leisure, entertainment and restaurant industries:

1st dinosaur dig

1st children's adventure play garden

1st children's indoor bouldering

1st do-it-your self face painting

1st dedicated birthday party check-in area

1st pretend fishing

1st completely cocktail-style concourse seating for bowling

1st pretend henna/mehndi

1st completely level concourse and approach for bowling

1st children's pedal go-kart track

1st pretend restaurant

1st use of trompe l'oeil

1st pretend supermarket

1st children's cooking

1st use of children's spraypads in non-waterpark facility

1st roller coaster to travel through a soft-contained-play structure

1st Children's Discovery Farm

1st New Luxury family buffet-entertainment center

1st restaurant discovery play dining room

1st use of stone heart pizza oven in a pizza buffet-entertainment center

1st public park department children's edutainment center

1st children's edutainment center in a toy store