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Our April Leisure eNewsletter is now available

Our April Leisure eNewsletter has these interesting and informative articles: There are only five ways to grow a location-based business New hayride safety standards The pandemic’s economic divide and the impact of inflation on discretionary consumer spending Downtown Flavortown Pigeon … Continue reading

The February edition of our Leisure eNewsletter is now available 

Articles: The popularity of golf-tainment The post-pandemic future of out-of-home entertainment Leisure and sports time used by Gen X and Millennials; differences across time

What they fail to explain about vaccines, Delta, and masks

It’s disappointing that the Federal government, especially the CDC, and the press are doing such a poor job of informing us about the factors that affect the risk of catching the new more dangerous Delta variant and what we really need to do to stay as safe as possible. Continue reading

Update on the current surge and comfort going out

Is the current surge a temporary phenomenon? Are regulars more likely to return? Continue reading

Comfort going out continues to increase, but beware of the un-masked un-vaccinated

As comfort going out increases, mask mandates are still important for entertainment and arts venues. Continue reading

Will vaccinations create a roaring rebound to attending in-person events?

What affect will vaccinations have on the return to in-person events, including dining in restaurants and attending entertainment and cultural events? Continue reading

Some bad and some good news

Here’s some bad and good new about people returning to out-of-home entertainment and arts venues Continue reading

The latest on the comfort visiting out-of-home entertainment & arts

Here’s the latest survey results on adults’ comfort visiting different out-of-home entertainment venues right now. Continue reading

Don’t miss ShowUp starting on Monday

ShowUp, a 3-day virtual conference for the location-based entertainment industry, is something you don’t want to miss out attending. Continue reading

Changes in restaurant foot traffic by state a possible indicator of changes in attendance for out-of-home entertainment and arts.

Changes in restaurant foot traffic by state a possible indicator of changes in attendance for out-of-home entertainment and arts.
Continue reading

We’ve re-activated our Leisure eNewsletter today with articles on 27 trends that will reshape location-based entertainment & arts in the post-pandemic era

We’ve re-activated our Leisure eNewsletter today with articles on 27 trends that will reshape location-based entertainment & arts in the post-pandemic era. Continue reading

An update on when we might reach herd immunity and post-pan normality

Although the percentage of Americans who will need to become immune to Covid-19 to reach herd immunity may be higher than originally anticipated, a new survey on the willingness to get vaccinated indicates it still appears plausible in 2021. Continue reading

The gentrification of marriage and weddings and the popularity of farm venues

Growing trends – gentrification of marriages and farm-based weddings and receptions. Continue reading

A shift in parents’ emotional drivers and the meaning of family time

The pandemic as accelerated a trend that began several years ago – parents increasingly putting themselves first instead of their kids as their Gen X parents did.
Continue reading

There’s a nesting trend underway

Location-based entertainment and cultural venues face new headwinds from the nesting trend. Continue reading

People’s comfort returning to out-of-home activities continues its decline

People’s comfort returning to out-of-home activities continues its decline Continue reading

Should location-based leisure businesses have strict mandatory face mask requirements?

This blog contains a lot of data from research and polls on the face mask requirements location-based leisure businesses should adopt to become the most successful during corona-time. Continue reading

How Covid-19 is reshaping the out-of-home leisure competitive landscape

The pandemic has reshaped the competitive out-of-home leisure competitive landscape, changing the leisure activities people will choose to do. Continue reading

What does death of the buffets mean for location-based entertainment?

What does death of the buffet mean for location-based entertainment? Continue reading

Less than 1/3rd of previous bowlers are ready to return

Due to the coronaviruses, less than 1/3rd of previous bowlers are ready to go bowling again Continue reading

What’s the future look like for movie theaters?

Both AMC and Regal, respectively the country’s largest and second-largest theater chains, are set to reopen in the coming months to the extent that different lockdown regulations permit. But they, along with all the other movie theaters in the U.S., … Continue reading

When, if ever, will location-based entertainment become profitable again?

There are a number of factors that will determine when LBEs will be profitable again including the share of the population at high risk of Covid-19. Here’s the latest data and predictions. Continue reading

The economics of operating location-based entertainment in corona-time

As stay-in-place orders are lifted, reopening LBEs will face financial challenges. Continue reading

Covid-19 is accelerating the migration of entertainment & socializsation to the metaverse

The acceleration of our use of virtual entertainment and socialization during the pandemic will have a long-term impact on out-of-home entertainment. Continue reading

What will make people comfortable returning to your business?

What health and safety practices will make people feel most comfortable to return to your business while the coronavirus is still out there? Continue reading

The accelerated digitalization of place is disrupting the real estate landscape

It was first back in 2015 in our company’s Leisure eNewsletter that we wrote about the growing trend of the digitalization of place – that the internet and digital technology is making it possible to acquire things or to have experiences at-home … Continue reading

The inconvenient truth – almost all location-based entertainment business models are now obsolete

Our company prides itself in using research to identify trends and guide our clients to future-proof their location-based entertainment centers (LBEs), which includes the categories of family entertainment centers (FECs), social eatertainment venues and agritainment/agritourism farms. As they say in … Continue reading

Will no longer doing some things we used to do pre-Covid become a permanent habit?

While bunkered down at home, I’ve been taking long walks everyday whenever the weather permits. Here in Kansas City in the Spring, it’s a great time to take walks as all the greenery is emerging. Winters here are very gray. … Continue reading

A nightclub virtual experience with conspicuous leisure value

Virtual entertainment experiences are starting to take on the conspicuous leisure value of out-of-home ones. Continue reading

Predictions on the post-pandemic location-based entertainment landscape

What will the post-pandemic out-of-home entertainment competitive landscape look like? Continue reading

The impact of virtual entertainment experiences during the lockdown on the post-pandemic entertainment landscape

What might the long-term impact be on our out-of-home entertainment behavior once the corona-crisis is over? Continue reading

Free 13-part webinar on building the perfect business plan

Build A Business just started a free 13-part daily webinar on building the perfect business plan in 13 slides. Continue reading

The overexpansion of CLVs, especially FECs, is sheer folly

It’s really getting hard to understand if there is any sanity left in the out-of-home (OOH) community leisure venue (CLV) industry, especially for developers of the classic formula family entertainment centers (FECs). We’re seeing daily announcements of all types of … Continue reading

Are you appealing to the Conscientious Consumer? Budweiser does.

Offering the coolest bowling or entertainment and/or the tastiest, trendiest burger or flatbread no longer cuts it. Continue reading

Household spending at community-based entertainment and restaurants exceeds spending in the year 2000

Household spending at community-based entertainment venues and restaurants exceeds spending in 2000. Continue reading

The craziness of X, Y and Z stereotyping

It time to stop continually stereotyping generations (GenX, GenY, GenZ and Baby Boomers) as if everyone in them is the same. . . . Continue reading

First mover gets better by default

Back in November, in my blog, First mover doesn’t succeed unless its also best mover, I compared two first mover community-leisure center (CLV) chains that are rolling out centers across the country, Main Event Entertainment with its new model, and … Continue reading

Decrease in licensed drivers; its implications

A just released study by The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows that there has been a continuous decrease in the number of people with a driver’s license across all age groups over the past three decades. The younger … Continue reading

Digital video & media increasingly consuming our leisure time

Here’s some of the latest data on the disruptive growth of digital video viewing and changes to the use of other types media. Continue reading

More Proof that High Fidelity is the Winning Formula

Despite a shrinking market for entertainment on trips and vacations, The Magic Kingdom . . . raised their admission price 44% faster than inflation. . . In today’s increasingly competitive entertainment marketplace, High Fidelity plays an important role in the formula for success. Continue reading

The Tchotchke Index Tracks Location-Based Entertainment Spending

American’s spending on tchotchkes—trinkets, junk, yard sale finds, gift shop items, home decor trinkets and other decorative items for the home—is an excellent measure of their impulse spending . . . Continue reading