Wake up at dawn to dance at this new rave

And we thought energetic dancing at a nightclub took place into the wee hours of the night. No more. Meet the new morning rave, Daybreaker. It's branded as both a pre-work sunrise workout and a wholesome inversion of dance culture. The concept is to re-create the energy of a nightclub without the booze, but rather with coffee and fruit-infused water. And to just make it even more unconventional, the 3-hour experiences start with an hour-long yoga class.

Daybreaker is already a movement in 16 cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Paris and Tokyo.

"Our goal was to create a safe space where people could sweat and express themselves - really let their hair down and let go," says Daybreaker's co-founder, 38-year-old Radha Agrawal. "We said let's replace all the negative, dark stuff about nightclubs with light, positive stuff."

The original early dance rave is Morning Gloryville that began in London in 2013 and has spread to the U.S., throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Unlike Daybreaker with its hip nocturnal vibe, Morning Gloryville is held in bright and open spaces and has a whimsical air. It starts at 6:30am and ends 10:30am and offers inspirational, energizing music and mesmerizing visual entertainment as well as free massage, organic coffee and smoothie bars, yoga and personal motivation from trained and costumed performers. It too is alcohol-free.

Daybreaker charges around $25 for the dancing including refreshments, Morning Gloryville charges $20 not including beverages. Yoga and other activities have additional charges.