Editor's corner

We've been incredibly busy over the summer with a number of projects you can read about in our first article in this issue.

Since we haven't had time to publish our Leisure eNewsletter for a number of months, we've loaded up this issue with more than normal. In fact, this is the longest eNewsetter we've ever published.

A large number of the articles are about the fast changing entertainment and leisure landscape and the disruption it is having on the traditional FEC model, as well the implications for success with every type of community leisure venue (CLV). CLV is our preferred term for community-based venues that offer entertainment as a significant part of their mix, as many are not designed for families, as the FEC term implies.

We're very pleased to be able to include two articles by two industry colleagues we work closely with on our projects, Pete Olesen and Frank Price. I'm sure you'll find some great information and insights in their articles.

So that's it. Read on and enjoy.

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