Topgolf introduces a new 3rd concept

Topgolf Entertainment Group is introducing a new "backyard-style" patio lounge version of their larger facility featuring an open, single-floor layout that is scheduled to open in April, at the Village of Riverwatch in Augusta, Ga. Back in our April issue , we reported about Topgolf's 2nd concept, an indoor lounge concept that has opened in Kirkland, WA.

The new "community-focused" format has a smaller footprint than Topgolf's core concept and offers food and beverages, seating areas with fire pits and picnic-style dining tables. Guests can play Topgolf's signature games in climate-controlled hitting bays, as well as a variety of backyard-style games such as bean bag toss and life-sized Jenga.

The new concept will also have a 13-ft. programmable video wall, VIP party patios, custom localized pop art and wall murals, more than 50 big-screen TVs and a live music stage.

According to a spokesperson, Topgolf's open-concept venue is designed to be freestanding, with locations near retail centers and densely populated areas.

Topgolf currently operates 58 technology-enabled social golf locations across the globe.