Editor's corner

Wow, I've really been busy! I recently gave a two-hour seminar at the agritourism convention in Charleston, SC (and had some great eating experiences at a number of the city's chef-driven boutique restaurants while there) and gave the opening keynote presentation at the prestigious Entertainment Experience Evolution conference in Las Angeles (see article this issue).

When you receive this issue, I'll be in New England helping an existing location-based entertainment center try to understand why they're seeing a decline in their attendance and what they need to do to grow their business. I have been working a lot recently with attraction-based venues who are experiencing declining attendance due to a culture shift in out-of-home entertainment that we explain in one of this issue's stories and from the growing competition that several of our other stories report on.

Then, in a little over a week, I'm off to a county in Pennsylvania where we've been hired to assist some of their farmers develop agritourism businesses (see article this issue).

We have also been doing a lot of work recently with shopping centers and malls on evaluating and developing entertainment experiences for them. I was pleased to be featured as a location-based entertainment expert in a Curbed article: "Dying malls seek second life entertainment destinations." You can check out the article here.

As always, I hope you find our articles of interest and hopefully they have some information you will find useful in your business.

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