Growing agritourism

When you think about the location-based entertainment (LBE) industry, most people don't think about farms and the fast-growing agritourism/agritainment industry segment. No different than the many dedicated brick-and-mortar entertainment centers, farmers are offering people of all ages a fun destination. The only difference is that is it fun on a farm.

Over the past few decades agritourism has ballooned in size. This includes not only all the Fall corn mazes and pumpkin patches, but festivals of all types including lavender, strawberry, corn, peaches and sunflowers; farm dinners and other culinary events, tours and many other experiences, many transformative (educational) dealing with all aspects of farm operation, animals and crops.

Our company has been a pioneer in the agritourism industry. We did the feasibility, concept development and design for the country's first children's discovery farm back in 1994 that continues to successfully operate today, Davis Farmland. We've worked on the design of master plans for the expansion of many of the country's top agritourism farms and consulted on all aspects of their operation.

Recently, many governments have begun to realize how important agritourism can be to overall tourism in their jurisdictions. Many states and counties are not working to help farmers develop and grow agritourism destinations.

Huntingdon County, PA has hired our company to help grow agritourism in their county. On March 7th, Randy White, our CEO, will be making a presentation to Huntingdon County farmers who are interested in developing an agritourism destination on their farms. The country has agreed to pay our consulting services to work with some of those farmers to advise them on feasibility and concepts that will be a good match for them.