The growing kid foodie movement

If you think the foodie movement is only for adults, check out this new toy offering from Fisher-Price for preschool children.

The 15-piece charcuterie set comes with everything a kid would need to enjoy the perfect charcuterie board: a log of salami, a wheel of creamy Brie cheese, grapes that pop right off the vine and whole wheat crackers for stacking. Yum!

Kids are able to "slice" the salami and cheese with a non-sharp, kid-friendly knife. The set even comes with two napkins, two fancy faux marble plates and a wood and marble cutting board.

Reviewers on Amazon love this toy. "I'm so impressed with the quality and the non-cheesy look and feel of the products," one parent said, "You can introduce toddlers to practical kitchen skills and experiences such as slicing and sharing healthy snacks. It's definitely worth adding to your kiddo's play kitchen."

Though charcuterie has existed as a culinary delicacy for centuries, only in the last year has it become a bona fide social media phenomenon and obsession among young Americans suddenly seeking out charcuterie content unlike ever before. Today charcuterie has become a fixation on social media platforms. A search for "charcuterie" on Instagram yields nearly one million results, while on Facebook there are hundreds of public and private groups dedicated to the art form.

Now all we need is a new Fisher-Price toy that will let kid foodies post their charcuterie play on social media as well.