A perfect storm is disrupting the legacy location-based entertainment business model - a white paper

The presence of the internet, Google searches, apps, social media and other digital technologies has dramatically changed all types of consumer behaviors including their out-of-home leisure and entertainment preferences and behaviors. As technologies continue to evolve at breakneck speed so too does consumer behavior. We've already seen more change since the birth of the iPhone twelve years ago than previous generations saw in a lifetime.

Continually evolving digital technologies and the rapid rate of consumer adoption are ominous long-terms trends that present a new challenge for many legacy out-of-home leisure and entertainment business models. The rules of leisure and the leisure landscape have now fundamentally changed and will continue to in the future.

Our latest white paper on the disruption of legacy community leisure venues, including family entertainment centers, presents:

  • Some of our entertainment trends research, including the data supporting it,
  • Makes a case for why the legacy, predominately attractions-based business model for location-based entertainment, is fast becoming obsolete due to the convergence of major trends creating a perfect storm, and
  • Discusses what the new business model needs to incorporate

You can read the white paper online or download it as a pdf by clicking here.