Doc Brundy's sodacade under construction

Venues that combine vintage pinball and arcade games with traditional alcoholic bars are popping up around the country and proving very successful. They are known generically as arcade bars. One of the original venues, Barcade, started back in 2004, registered the more common term for these - barcade.

One of our clients recently gave us a real challenge with this concept. He owned two adjoining buildings with 16,100 square feet plus a basement area and also owned 100's of fully operating vintage pinball machines, all one of a kind. Sounds perfect for an arcade bar, right? However, there was one little problem, or should we say major problem. It was located out in Utah just south of Provo where 88% of the project's market residents are Latter-day Saints. They don't drink alcohol.

So our company developed a variation on the arcade bar concept that we are calling a sodacade-grill that combines a homemade ice cream and custom soda concept with a polished-casual restaurant, vintage gameroom, six-lanes of duckpin bowling and birthday and meeting rooms. The project is named Doc Brundy's. Construction is underway with an anticipated opening in March.

i. Rendering of storefront which serve as entry to the two combined buildings (the one to the right is 2-story). ii. Ductwork (to be painted black) being installed over the beautiful wood joists in the bowling area.

i. Future gameroom and stairs to upstairs VIP pinball room and meeting space. ii. Future area for restrooms and party rooms