Engaging Millennials in the workforce

The Temkin Group recently published a report, Engaging Millennials in the Workforce that predicts that the Millennial generation - those born between 1980 and 2000 - will make up 60% of the workforce by 2020. As with each previous generation, Millennials bring their own set of expectations, attitudes, and approaches to the job, which creates both challenges and opportunities for the companies that employ them. The Temkin Group's research found that compared to other generations, Millennials desire opportunities to learn and advance their careers as well as opportunities that allow them to be creative and work flexible hours. However, the Temkin Group found that only 52% of Millennials are either moderately or highly engaged in their jobs, lower than any other generation.

To engage younger employees more effectively in the workplace, The Temkin Group recommends employers should deploy these five strategies.

  1. Expand job description: Clearly define performance expectations and create a variety of opportunities for Millennials to expand their knowledge and skills.
  2. Create connections: Foster network building within and across generational lines, organizational levels, and functional roles.
  3. Make work matter: Help Millennials connect to the company's brand values, its culture, and the causes they care about.
  4. Allow for flexibility: Demonstrate adaptability in when, where, and how the company communicates, trains, and expects work to be done.
  5. Develop Millennial leaders: Help non-Millennials understand and effectively engage this generation.