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There was a great turnout at the Laser Tag Convention in Las Vegas last month. I had good attendance at my seminar Shift Your Paradigms to Future-Proof Your Business. If you missed it, our feature article this month, The future of laser tag - prosperity or Digital Darwinism, reports on some of the findings from our company's recent national laser tag participation surveys that I reported on in the seminar presentation. And on the same theme that we have been featuring in a lot of our research and writings during the past few years, the article also examines the possible disruptive impact of consumer digital technology on laser tag venues.

When you read this, assuming you do so within a day or so of receiving it in the your email, I'll be in Honolulu, Hawaii where we have started work on feasibility and design of for a new eatertainment (restaurant-entertainment) project.

My visit to warm Hawaii is in sharp contrast to the weather our client Davis' Farmland, located about one hour west of Boston, is experiencing as they try to get their new kids' pretend village-farm-campground we designed for them finished. Here's a photo from April 8th of the new parent seating farm wagon with ice cycles hanging from its roof and snow on the ground.

Last month I visited two different fall agritainment and u-pick farms and assisted both with master planning to add more parking and attractions, consulted on food and beverage menus and pricing and worked on concept design for their new farm markets. It seems that many agritainment farms underestimate their growth when they first start up and then find they need to increase not only their entertainment and food and drink capacities, but also their parking. So far, for every farm we've consulting on with these issues, we've found good solutions to enable them to not only better accommodate their existing business, but also have room to grow it.

Later this month I'm off to visit our 13-year client, Silverlake - The Family Place, located in the greater Cincinnati metro where we are working on the design of a 40,000-square-foot expansion that will also add many entertainment and edutainment offerings for their members.

Then, at the end of the month I've off to Colorado to start work on feasibility and design of a unique combined agritourism and mining museum project.

We have seven other projects in various stages of consulting and design, so it looks like we're going to be very busy for the rest of the year.

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I hope you find some of this issue's articles of value. Enjoy!

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