In the news

Back in January, featured our article Are community-based entertainment venues falling into the Fidelity Belly? If you missed it, we republished it in our last issue of this eNewsletter (click to read Fidelity Belly article). The article has apparently attracted industry attention. In their next issue, InterPark magazine will be publishing a story discussing the concept of high fidelity and referring to our article.

On February 10th, the Boston Globe newspaper ran a story on entertainment in malls and quoted our CEO, Randy White, as an expert. Read the article.

On March 7th, Crain’s Chicago Business newspaper ran a story about the growth of indoor children’s play spaces and play cafes in the greater Chicago area. Randy White, our CEO, was quoted as an industry expert. The article is considered premium content on their newspaper’s website, but you can get a free four-week subscription to read it. The article’s URL is