Embrace QR Codes

Projections are that by the end of this year, approximately 50% of cell phone owners will be using a smart phone that can access the Internet. One 'app' growing in popularity with smart phones is QR codes (Quick Response codes). QR codes are square black and white patterns that appear on printed materials such as magazine and newspaper ads, business cards, restaurant placemats, coupons, signs and on product packaging. When you capture the QR code using a smart phone, it takes your smart phone directly to a website or video. QR codes are a great way to connect your tech savvy customers to coupons, special in-center promotions, information about your center, menu ingredients and generally any information you want customers to know. QR codes can also be used to make it easy to capture sign-ups for your e-mail marketing list. There are a number of free QR code generators on the web. Just type 'QR code generator' in a search engine to find them.