In the news

On June 12th,, the most trusted media company in Northwest Indiana, featured an article, Playing it safe and having fun, about BellaBoo's Children's Play & Discovery Center, a project our company designed and produced in Lake Station, Indiana for the Lake Country Parks & Recreation Department. Excerpts from the article include:

"BellaBoo's takes child's play to a whole new level by providing fun self-directed play in a safe atmosphere where children from infants through 9 years old can explore, create and interact.

"BellaBoo's has taken each room and filled it with colorful, imaginative educational milieu especially proportioned for 'little hands'.

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The June 13th Sioux Falls Business Journal featured a story, Businesses cash in on need for fun, that quoted Randy White, our CEO, as an entertainment and retail-tainment expert. Here are two excepts from the story:

"The customer experience has become a more acute focus for retailers, according to Randy White, CEO of Kansas City-based White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, which consults for entertainment venues worldwide.

“We're moving from a service-based economy to people looking for experiences,” White said. "We're seeing a strong trend in the retail industry. It started about a decade ago, but the recession greatly accelerated it. Stuff has less importance to people now. They don't go to malls based upon selling stuff. You need to offer experiences.”

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