Binge watching is for lovers

In our last issue, we discussed how staying in is the new going out. Now along comes a study that shows the binge watching Netflix and sharing other media at home with your romantic partner is good for your relationship.

Previous research studies have shown that one way for couples to feel closer to each other is to have a “shared social reality” - for example, having mutual friends; attending the same school; or belonging to the same social organizations. Couples who have common friends tend to be closer, happier, and more committed. These experiences create a sense of shared identity, which helps couples feel like they're connected and on the same page.

The results of the study recently published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationship found that overall, in our digital world, sharing more media with one's partner was associated with greater feelings of closeness and commitment. This was especially beneficial for couples that lacked a strong mutual social network.

This could mean that staying home now qualifies as a date night. The couple that binge watches together stays together. It's just one more thing that is making at-home entertainment options even more competitive to going out to visit a community leisure venue.