Shooter-tainment arrives

What is known as eatertainment, the combination of food, drink and interactive entertainment and games, comes in many different forms and combinations. It's a proven formula that has stood the test of time. Just think Dave & Buster's and Chuck E. Cheese's, each over three decades old and going strong.

We're seeing many new types of interactive entertainment, dining and drinking concepts in the community leisure venue (CLV) landscape. In December we reported on hatchet throwing.

Now the former CEO of Smith & Wesson, the gun manufacturer, has created a new combination we might call shooter-tainment. He's combined a restaurant and alcohol with shooting to create Modern Round. The venue describes itself as a “virtual shooting lounge where technology and entertainment meet delectable food, fine wines and craft cocktails.” While seated at plush lounge tables, customers use laser technology-based replica weapons to fire at 16-food wide screens, playing games shooting targets like ducks, flying pigs or zombies or live-action police and military scenarios.

The replica guns are wireless and have the size and weight of real firearms. Some give the feel of a real gun discharging using a CO2 cartridge. One is an AR-15 replica. Hostesses handcuff themselves to the metal briefcases containing the guns.

There is a $5 membership fee and the cost of a lounge area varies from $25 to $45 per hour depending on the day and time.

Although designed for drinking adults, children age 12-18 are allowed if accompanied by an adult.

The first Modern Round opened in Peoria, Arizona. The company has plans for more locations in Texas, definitely a gun-friendly state.