The difference between OK and delighted

Market Force Information recently conducted a survey of 6,100 consumers to gauge the difference between an “OK” restaurant dining experience and one that delighted the customer. 59% of customers who tried a new restaurant said it was bad or OK, while 41% were delighted. The top reasons for dissatisfaction were the price was too high for the value, poor food quality and it took too long to receive an order. Of those that were delighted, those that rated the experience a “5 out of 5” on satisfaction, were eight times more likely to recommend the restaurant to others than those who rated the experience a “4 out of 5.”

What this all means is that there is little room for error when it comes to the dining experience of a first time customer. In this age of social media, recommendations from customers are critical to the success of not only restaurants, but entertainment centers as well. Poor value for the cost, poor customer service and long queues are just a few of the things that will cause new, as well as existing customers to not return to an entertainment center and not recommend it. Even worse, they will share their bad experience with friends via word-of-mouth and word of social media.