Silverlake, "The Family Place," wins award

Silverlake Family Recreation Center in Erlanger, Kentucky, a suburban community of greater Cincinnati, Ohio, has been voted the 2007 Best of the City recreation center by Cincinnati Magazine.

White Hutchinson has been Silverlake's consultant and designer for almost seven years since early 2002. We have been assisting the center with brand and market position strategies, including a focus on the family market, as well as market studies and feasibility, architectural and interior design and general consulting. We designed more than $2 million in renovations that were completed in early 2006. We're now working on feasibility and design of a 50,000-square-foot addition that will support continued growth with fitness, health and swimming programs. Also included are a family restaurant and family and children's entertainment, with enrichment, play and celebration components. Silverlake Recreation Center currently has a $3 million water park addition under construction.