Editor's corner

Here we are already, in a new year. It's amazing how fast things can change in today's world and how history continually repeats itself. The sub-prime mortgage fiasco is just another example of lenders and financial markets loosing their common sense. Now we have the stock markets tanking as if investors thought we were heading into a 30's-style depression. The world is so emotional, but I guess that is nothing new since we humans are emotional by our very nature.

Fortunately, despite all the doom and gloom in the news, history will repeat itself and we'll come out of the stagnation, recession, or whatever is going on (you can never tell for sure, as the news media tends to over hype a lot of stories) and life will go on. And people will always be seeking a way to have some enjoyment with their leisure time.

Which brings us to our featured article this issue. A report on extensive research we have undertaken on what changes have and are continuing to occur with Americans' expenditures of their leisure and entertainment dollars and time.

This issue has other articles you won't find in any of those industry magazines that are supported by advertising, such as children's flavor preferences and social and cultural trends.

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to recommend our labor of love Leisure eNewsletter to your colleagues and contact us with any comments.

Randy White