Will Gen Z end foodie culture as we know it?

Millennials have a reputation as a generation of foodies. They created food culture as we know it today. Millennials are all about well-lit photos of aesthetically pleasing restaurant meals. They are adventurous with what they eat. For years they've fueled new food trends from the creative to the bazaar. They've driven massive shifts in the food industry with their changing preferences.

How about Gen Z since they've spent their entire lives posting on social media? Will they be the next foodies? Probably not, or not to the same extent, based on research by YPulse. Although Gen Z loves to create new content, and their favorite app, Tik Tok is full of favorite recipes, their view of food isn't the same as millennials. Near half of Gen Z (46%) agree that "millennial foodie culture is cringy." And 45% of Gen Z agree "millennials take food culture too seriously."

Gen Z isn't participating in food culture the same way as millennials. They are not into posting their food and beverages on social media as much as millennials, or even seeing it from others. 57% of Gen Z have posted a photo/video of food/beverage on social media vs. 71% of millennials. And when Gen Z posts food content, they're doing it on their favorite app, TikTok vs. millennials who use Instagram and Facebook. And rather than the aesthetically pleasing restaurant dish, they post videos of "what I eat in a day." They are also looking for "oddly satisfying" food content that is more about entertainment than anything else. Like the rest of the content they want to see, Gen Z thinks food content should be realistic, authentic, and fun. Gen Z wants food-related content that fits in with their daily real lives.

54% of Gen Z consider themselves a foodie vs. 66% of millennials. 39% of millennials agree they are a total foodie and passionate about foodie culture, but only 29% of Gen Z agree the same. 26% of Gen Z agree they are not a foodie and don't pay attention to foodie culture compared with only 16% of millennials.

Only 60% of Gen Z are adventurous eaters vs. 80% of millennials. Millennials are more likely to describe the food they eat as "exotic" or "gourmet," whereas Gen Z prefers traits like "fun" and "basic."

Gen Z is not into making food a personality trait like millennials. In fact, the 64% of Gen Z who call themselves foodies agree that being a foodie is not that serious, and even more (85%) agree you can be one without posting it.

As time goes on and Gen Z ages up, it's very possible that this younger generation will continue to have an attitude and approach to food that is not the foodie focus of millennials.

Source: Ypulse.com