Editor's corner

Wow, it's been a busy past month for us. While brick-and-mortar location-based entertainment (LBE) and FECs are waiting for things to open up fully and for guest to return in significant numbers, we've been working with four different agritourism clients, including master planning for the relocation of a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm and expansion of a farm-based event venue into multiple types of agritourism and regenerative organic farming. Unlike most LBEs and FECs, agritourism has been booming during the pandemic.

As a result of being so busy, this eNewsletter is shorter than usual but still has three great articles to check out on how the pandemic is changing the consumer landscape and when we might get to a new normal.

I'm still occasionally blogging with coverage on the LBE industry and the impact of the pandemic, including what the post-pandemic landscape may look like. If you aren't signed up to get my blogs, you can by clicking here . I also post notices of the blogs on Linkedin and Twitter.