Editor's corner

Well, here we are when we thought we were very near the light at the end of the tunnel with Covid when suddenly the Delta variant has made the tunnel longer and the light further away. One of the most recent surveys shows anywhere from a six to nine percentage point reduction in comfort visiting different out-of-home leisure and dining activities since the peak in comfort a little over one month ago. Unfortunately, it is likely comfort levels will continue to decline as long as infections are on the increase. We're in a unique time when the best of predictions can prove wrong.

We've had a busy summer working in one segment of the location-based leisure industry that is thriving, agritourism, probably since it is predominately an outdoor activity and consider relatively safe. Check out the article in this issue.

Hoping you have stayed cool during some of the unusual summer heat we've seen this year. We'll be back with some new reading for you in our next eNewsletter issue sometime in September, when hopefully it will be cooler.