Is your mobile website speed hurting your business?

The loading speed of your website, especially on mobile, affects whether people will even look at it.

According to Aberdeen Research, three seconds appears to be the breakpoint. Compared to a one-second load time, abandonment rates triple.

Google found that if your mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, most visitors won't think twice about abandoning it. Here's their findings on abandonment.

Fortunately, Google has created a new Test My Site where you can test your website's mobile load time that includes competitive benchmarking and analysis on how your site's speed can impact potential revenue. All you have to do is enter your domain to find it's loading time and get customized tips, fixes and a report. Click here to go to Test My Site

We checked out the mobile loading speed for some of the larger CLV chains on 4G networks and here's what we found:

Some of them definitely have some work to do to improve their loading speeds. Pinstripes definitely wins.

We are pleased that our website,, with over 2,600 pages, has a loading time of 1.5 seconds.