Editor's corner

As you've probably noticed by now, we conduct extensive research on consumer trends and the changing leisure and entertainment landscape. We do it so we can assure that the projects we design and produce for our clients will not only be successful today, but also have long-term staying power. We're willing to share much of our research with you, our readers, and the industry at large, as we believe a healthy out-of-home leisure industry is important to everyone's success and the ability of entrepreneurs to develop new successful projects where the market demand warrants. This is research and advice you won't find in any other industry publications (unless it's one of our articles) or anywhere else in the industry.

The out-of-home entertainment industry, including community leisure venues (CLVs) and FECs, does not operate in a bubble. Consumer trends of all types, including ones we first find emerging in other industries ultimately impacts CLVs. One of these is the conscientious consumer who is making purchase decisions based on a company's purpose and practices, especially its social and environmental ones. We are pleased that RePlay Magazine published our article that addresses this growing trend, Your Social Purpose Matters. Does Your Business Appeal to the Conscientious Consumer in their latest issue. We've posted a copy of the article on our website (click here for a PDF copy).

We have a good selection of articles for you in this issue, most dealing with trends that impact out-of-home leisure and entertainment businesses. I hope you find them of value.