New restaurant startup book

Tom Wilscam's restaurant startup book is extremely relevant to anyone planning to open a location-based entertainment venue, as food is now essential to creating a winning formula.

Tom Wilscam is a successful restaurateur. He learned the business from the bottom up. In his book So You Want To Open A Restaurant! – A Simple Step-by-Step Process to Opening a Restaurant, he shares his expertise with readers. The book is divided into four sections. The first sections tells Tom's story. The second section describes the importance and how to write a business plan. Wilscam goes into great detail explaining what to include in a business plan. He begins with a table of contents and then discusses each item. This is probably the most important section in the whole book. In the third section, Wilscam discusses the minute detail. What type of restaurant are you planning: a sit down, a fast food, or fast casual? He stresses the need to have good customer service. The menu should reflect your type of restaurant and the décor. It is also suggested not to offer too large of a menu. Identify your target "audience" and develop a marketing strategy. And, in the concluding section Wilscam shares some of his best advice. Have an exit strategy.