Kids and families with kids are eco-friendly

We're raising a new generation that is somewhere between eco-friendly and eco-fanatic. These kiddoes and their families are highly attracted to eco-friendly businesses and products. Will your business take advantage of going green - or be green with envy of those that do?

If your business markets to families and kids, pay attention to this article. Kids are going green in a big way, and their families are more environmentally-friendly in their purchases than are households without children.

Just Kid, Inc. research found the majority (83%) of children age 8-14 wish companies did more to help the environment. Those kids say that big companies (56%) are more responsible for protecting the environment than politicians (50%), kids (46%) or their parents (37%).

Almost two-thirds (64%) of kids say they'd stop buying from a company if they learned it was harming the environment. Kids age 8-14 say they would be encouraged to buy from a company that:

  • 69% -- gives a portion of sales to help the environment
  • 61% -- uses recycled packaging
  • 58% -- uses less packaging
  • 57% -- has products made from natural ingredients
  • 55% -- helps kids get involved in an environmental program or activity

Kids are concerned with keeping water clean (84%), improving air quality (83%) and protecting wilderness areas and wetlands (80%).

According to the research, kids are not only concerned, they are active in helping the environment:

  • 68% turn off water when brushing their teeth
  • 68% turn off lights and appliances
  • 60% recycle bottles and cans
  • 59% refill empty water bottles with tap water
  • 53% turn off the computer and monitor when they are not using them

The Simmons Kids National Consumer Survey found similar results. It found a significant majority of kids are concerned about environmental issues and nearly three-quarters of them believe in buying recycled paper products. The survey also revealed half of 6- to 8-year-old kids encourage their parents to buy green products.

Recent Natural Marketing Institute's research found households with kids are twice as likely as they were in 2007 to say they are personally involved in protecting the environment. They now surpass households without children in their engagement. It also found households with kids are buying green products and minimizing their impact on the environment to a greater degree than are households without kids.

Any location-based leisure company that wants to attract children and parents needs to start thinking and acting green to get in tune with the values of families with children.