Hooters opens bowling lounge

"Striking out at Hooters" used to mean that your buxom server turned down your offer for a date. But a Washington state Hooters franchise has changed all that by opening as a bowling lounge and restaurant – and did we mention the casino?

A Hooters’ franchisee in Renton, Washington, has opened a Hooters unlike any other: it includes a restaurant, casino and bowling lounge. The new casino-bowl-restaurant combo location debuted October 27 following renovations to the former Cascade Lanes. Remodeling features to the 29,000-square-foot facility included 24 newly refurbished and modernized lanes, more than 50 42-inch LCD flat panel TVs, 15 table games in a 4,000-square-foot casino, and Hooters’ signature orange and white motif and the traditional menu served at the bowling lanes.

“Bowling is a quintessentially American form of entertainment, just like Hooters,” said Ed Pilarz, president of Altium Development Group, parent company of the new Renton franchise. “You bowl with your buddies, you bowl with the girls next door. It’s unpretentious fun. Now pair that with a casino, great food and fun Hooters girls. What more could you want? Everyone we’ve talked with in Renton is really excited, and I think proud, to have the very first Hooters bowling lounge.”

A Hooters press release says “Hooters Bowling Lounge is dedicated to serving bowlers of all ages and expertise with the same personable, girl-next-door quality that has kept this delightfully tacky yet unrefined franchise in play for over 25 years.”

Definitely not for everyone’s taste, but there is no question Hooters is successful serving its distinctive niche market. Now their fans can bowl in a Hooters-themed environment.