McDonald's latest innovations

When you think of servers sporting understatedly hip black uniforms or children interacting with music at a restaurant, we'll bet the first word that comes to mind is not McDonald's. Well, think again, and check out what's new in the world of McFood.

Musical PlayPlace
A McDonald’s restaurant in Oswego, New York, has installed a new music-themed 880-square-foot interactive play area for children that combines play with music. Steve Panos, owner-operator of the restaurant, said, “We’re capitalizing on our new musical play area and increasing our dinner market segment. Opening week we were up 120% in sales over last year, and we’re maintaining a 75% to 80% increase week over week since.”

Remake as a European lounge
In the Chelsea neighborhood in downtown Manhattan in New York, New York, a McDonald’s is moving in a different direction. It is the first in the U.S. to undergo a makeover in a European style to look more relevant to a younger adult crowd. The look is similar to thousands of McDonald’s in France and the United Kingdom. The restaurant has outlets for plugging in laptops, upholstered vinyl chairs, subdued lighting and employees whose all-black uniforms suggest a hip boutique. Franchise owner Paul Hendel said, “We’re becoming a more relevant type of restaurant for the younger crowd. They don't feel rushed. They’re reading the newspaper, relaxed.”

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