BellaBoo's opens Sept. 15

The 22,600-square-foot children’s edutainment (play and discovery) center is scheduled to open Sept. 15 in Lake County, Indiana. White Hutchinson conducted full feasibility studies and designed the entire center, including its unique brand identity, name, logo and mascot, which is an adorable bat. BellaBoo’s is the country’s first municipal/park department-owned children’s edutainment center. In early August, Vicki Stoecklin, our Education & Child Development Director, conducted training for the management staff on:

  • Play leadership
  • Child growth and development
  • Behavior management
  • Customer service for children and families
  • Birthday parties
  • School field trips

Vicki will follow up with additional training on working with children with special needs and diversity training.

We will be giving more coverage to BellaBoo’s once it opens. To learn more about the center, click here.

Vicki Stoecklin, White Hutchinson’s Education & Child Development Director,
trains management staff at BellaBoo’s in Lake County, Indiana.