Hero's The Party Experience

Head's up, LBE entrepreneurs! If you're looking to get into the location-based entertainment business with a significantly lower investment than a million dollars, check out a new license concept: Hero's The Party Experience. Read more to find out how they've slashed the investment.

The cost of developing even the smallest family entertainment or children's edutainment center or playcafé has increased significantly. It's hard to do anything for less than a million dollars -- and most projects cost multi-millions.

Chester and Laurien Henry, veteran industry operators, and Frank Price, the guru of birthday parties and founder of Birthday University, have developed a new license concept called Hero's The Party Experience that allows entrepreneurs to start a location-based entertainment business for a turnkey cost of $200,000 to $400,000. Hero's is a semi-private birthday and event center that ranges in size from 6,000 to 8,000 square feet and is located in light industrial buildings at lower rents. Because Hero's is a license concept, owners don't have the many restrictions of franchises nor do they have to continually pay a percentage of their revenues.

"The Hero's license is such a wonderful opportunity to blend a fantastic company with a family life," said Brandi and Nathan Smith of the new Hero's that recently opened in Toledo, Ohio. "The public is just blown away by the customization and attention to detail. We have a company that was an immediate hit in the Toledo area, one that we are very proud of."

"The Hero's experience is truly unique," said Frank Price. "All senses are stimulated in a positive way as each party guest lives the adventure of their celebration. We make sure guests feel special, and that each party is overloaded with TLC (tender loving care). We set out to create personal experiences that are so far beyond what folks expect."

In addition to Toledo, Hero's The Party Experience currently has centers in Denton, Texas; and Buffalo, New York; with facilities opening soon in Madison, Wisconsin; Waterville, Ohio; and Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Learn more at www.herospartyexperience or contact Laurien Henry at +403.608-4209 or lhenry@herospartyexperience.com.