Visible glove use gives good impression

Do customers notice when restaurant employees wear gloves for food service? You'd better believe it! Not only that, but the use of gloves in food service earns very high approval ratings from diners and boosts the chances of a return visit.

Glove use in restaurants has a major influence on customers' overall impression of the operation. An independent study conducted by NPD Foodworld found that 82% of customers gave very high approval ratings to an establishment where food service workers wore gloves.

Glove use has an impact on repeat business. The research found that:

  • 61% of customers are 'much more likely' to revisit a restaurant where workers wear gloves
  • 77% would select a restaurant where workers use gloves over one that did not
  • 70% of customers are even willing to pay more to visit a restaurant that uses gloves

When customers observe glove use in a restaurant:

  • 85% believe the operation is trying very hard to be sanitary and cares about customers
  • 67% think the operator cares a lot about the food their establishment serves
  • 63% feel the restaurant is trying very hard to make a positive impression