Starting a Small Restaurant classic revised

Contemplating opening a restaurant or food operation of some kind? Then you're in luck, because the classic “how to” manual, Starting a Small Restaurant, by Daniel Miller, has undergone a major revision after nearly three decades. It's a must-read for aspiring restaurateurs.

The 1978 classic, Starting a Small Restaurant has undergone a major revision and is now titled Starting a Small Restaurant, Revised Edition. Daniel Miller, the author, debunks the myths and extrapolates the realities of restaurant ownership. The book sets forth everything necessary to establish and successfully operate a small restaurant, including: finding the right location; how to create a menu and forecast income; dealing with equipment auctions and dealers; handling restaurant red tape and regulations; designing a kitchen for efficiency and safety; dining room design and decor; step-by-step analysis of preparing and serving a typical restaurant meal; handling the difficult customer; staffing and personnel management; getting supplied with the best products and services; cleanup and maintenance issues; advertising and public relations; prices and profits (figuring your investment and return); handling restaurant emergencies; and computer systems that can save time and money.

This updated version of the book retains the strengths of the original, but has been revised to reflect recent technological advances, an ever-evolving American palate and an increasing need for convenience. Starting a Small Restaurant is the best “how to” manual available for aspiring restaurateurs and is “must” reading for anyone contemplating opening any kind of food operation in any type of venue.