Editor's Corner

We're constantly looking for ways to improve our Leisure eNewsletter. Our goal is to publish an informative ezine with news, information and commentary that you won't find in other industry publications. In this issue, you will notice that we have dramatically increased the number hyperlinks that direct you to other websites where you can learn more about the businesses and some of the concepts discussed in our articles. We've switched from red to blue type for those hyperlinks to make articles easier to read.

If you want to print this enewsletter for hard-copy reading, you can either refer to its posting on the our website to use the hyperlinks, or you can save it as a PDF file, which should preserve all the hyperlinks when you view the PDF file on your computer screen.

This issue's featured article is about the ‘tainmentizing' of away-from-home consumer destinations. Writing that article made me realize what our company really specializes in: feasibility, design and brand development and production of tainment projects, as in edutainment, eatertainment, retail-tainment, agritainment, and unique combinations of those tainments. We have always had a hard time explaining what we do, as we work across so many leisure-destination industries and types. In a sense, you could call us the leisure-tainment specialists, as that seems to encompass all our leisure projects.

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Randy White