Editor's corner

Here we are already. Winter is behind us and it's spring again - a time in the northern hemisphere to plant our gardens and start back into lawn care.

Although we all love the warmer weather, over in Dubai they love their snow, at least the manmade variety. This month we are giving you the latest info on a new second mega-snow project under construction there.

This month we are also taking an in-depth look at:

  • the new paradigm of children and parent decision making, or what we might call the death of the nag factor, and
  • new research on leisure time and time-pressured consumers

Frank Price joins us again with the second part of his fascinating article on original birthday parties, and we take a look at the mom angle of marketing and a new bowling/eatertainment concept under development in Cleveland. And don't forget about Foundations Entertainment University in Chicago. It's only 3 weeks away.

We hope you will enjoy this issue of Leisure eNewsletter and find it contains some helpful information. We continue to strive to give coverage to relevant topics you won't find discussed in trade magazines and commentary they won't dare to offer you, due to their advertisers.

Randy White