Editor's Corner

Here we are in another new year already ... 2004 looks as if it can be a year of great opportunity for the location-based entertainment industry. A major reason for this is that out-of-home entertainment spending is on the increase - which we discuss in an article in this issue.

Likewise, as we address in another article, 2004 will be a year of great challenges, as new forms of competition, and more specifically, retail and service providers, move into the experience economy and try to capture an increasing share of the leisure market.

No industry is static, including the location-based entertainment industry, because the marketplace evolves and consumers change. Those developers and operators who understand the changed environment in which they must operate will prosper in 2004 and beyond, and those who follow conventional wisdom from the past will fail.

Throughout the New Year, we'll continue to bring you thought-provoking articles on what is happening with location-based entertainment and how LBEs will need to evolve to continue to capture the hearts and pocketbooks of the modern consumer. And, as in this issue, we will also continue to provide significant coverage on food and beverage, consistent with our philosophy that F&B is as important to a facility's success as the entertainment component.

Last month we said this issue would include coverage of Paradise Park, our latest family entertainment and children's edutainment center to open. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to take some good photos of the center, so we have delayed coverage until the February issue. Meanwhile, to wet your appetite, here are two photos.

Randy White, Editor

Paradise Park in
Lee's Summit, Missouri

Paradise Café in the children's edutainment center