United Skates of America

United Skates of America is the largest operator of skating rinks with 19 WOW Family Fun Center locations throughout the US. We are evaluating one of their facilities for possible additions and renovation to broaden its appeal to its core market, broaden the age appeal and increase food and beverage and game sales.

Davis' Farmland & Mega-Maze

Completed our annual planning visit:

  • Planned improvements and additions to be completed over the winter,
  • Planned next year's Mega-Maze theme and features, and
  • Worked with the owners on improving labor efficiency, cost-of-goods sold and the logistics of operations.

Kid's Club Drop-in Childcare Centers Open

Kid's Club drop-in childcare centers have opened at both the Silverlake Family Recreation Center in Erlanger, Kentucky and the Better Bodies health club in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. White Hutchinson designed the remodeled centers. The owners report that the centers have been very popular with parents and kids alike and that their utilization has increased.

Silverlake Family Lifestyle Center

Our work is continuing on the master plan to renovate and expand the Silverlake Family Recreation Center to become a family lifestyle center with family entertainment and enrichment facilities, as well as the addition of an outdoor family leisure aquatic center. In next month's eNewsletter, we will discuss the concept of the family lifestyle center.

Paradise Park, Family Fun & Adventure

This multi-faceted, indoor/outdoor, family entertainment and children's edutainment center, designed and produced by White Hutchinson, is currently under construction. A delay in steel delivery has pushed opening until early summer 2002. For more information, click here.

Vicki Stoeckin, Education & Child Development Director; Mike Turner, landscape architect, and Jon Ellis, owner, during site visit to Putter's Paradise
Elevation of New Building