"There is common misunderstanding in the location-based entertainment industry that the number of people living in the market area (and sometimes the number of tourists) is the key factor in determining feasibilty, attendance and revenues. Some people in the industry even subscribe to rules of thumb, such as a population of so many people will support a particular type of project. Nothing can be further from the truth. Not all populations are created equal."

Read our latest article, "Not All Populations are Created Equal: Understanding the Differences to Maximize Success" that discusses:

  • how income, education, other demographic and socio-economic/lifestyle factors have a dramatic impact on out-of-home entertainment spending,
  • Information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey on out-of-home entertainment spending,
  • The importance to success of targeting a niche market with a focused assortment, and
  • A real example of how targeting a niche market can tap latent spending potential.

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