Our July and August eNewsletters featured two articles, "Road Kill Amnesia" and "Road Kill Déjà Vu" (past issues are now available on our web site). In our continuing campaign to prevent projects from becoming industry road kill, we have written an article "Only You Can Stamp Out Roadkill: Build 3 Critical Success Factors Into Your Leisure Facility." Here's an excerpt from the article.

"To succeed long term, any project needs to include all the Critical Success Factors. Every time a project lacks even one, it not only decreases its attendance and revenues, but greatly increases its probability of failure. And the more CSFs that are lacking, the more dramatic the decrease and the higher the odds of failure.

You don't really notice the missing CFSs during the first year or so of a project's life. Usually, almost everyone in the market will check out the new place once, and those visits will initially support revenues. Its after the honeymoon when the missing CFSs begin to take their toll, as the repeat visits required for long-term success within a community market don't occur, or don't occur often enough.

You can read the entire article and learn about the 3 Critical Success Factors--ambiance, brand identity and relevance--on our web site at.