North America's largest non-waterpark children's spraypad is currently under construction at Davis' Farmland in Sterling Massachusetts. The spraypad is part of the Adventure Play & Spray additional to Farmland designed by White Hutchinson and scheduled to open June of this year.

There will be two spraypads, one for toddlers and one for children 3-8 years old. The spraypads cover approximately 8,000 square feet and feature 13 different events that required 24 controllers. Other areas of the Adventure Play & Spray have children's dry play including boulder and log climbing, a prehistoric dinosaur dig with immersion bamboo landscaping, woven huts in a grasslands, 'Cow Works'--a sand play piece of equipment themed to look like a Guernsey cow, a 2-D maze, climbing equipment and a peddle go-kart track through a pine forest.