Expanding an existing leisure business involves much more than designing and developing a physical facility expansion. To successfully grow and handle increased attendance and revenues with increased profits, many businesses also need to change their management structure and culture.

Most businesses start small with owner-managers who manage all aspects of the business' operation. When the business grows, it eventually becomes impossible for the owner to continue to do all the work and maintain any semblance of home life. At this point, the management structure needs to be changed with the introduction of full-time middle managers and possibly an experienced general manager. Often, previous supervisors will be promoted to managers. Such a promotion should include management training so the managers will have the tools and skills to be effective in their new roles. Management is not an innate trait, but rather one that needs to be learned with training and experience. Without training, staff promoted to managers can become an example of the 'Peter Principal'-promotion to incompetence.

A management remodel also requires new written operational documentation in the form of detailed job descriptions, policies and procedures, training programs and manuals, tighter cash and inventory management and a new accounting and performance management system.

The White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group is currently assisting two of our clients with implementing such a major management change in conjunction with major expansions of their facilities. Our work has included assistance in developing job descriptions, policies and procedures, and cash and inventory systems; selection and installation of new management computer, selection and implementation of software and accounting systems; management and staff training and helping the owners restructure their roles to make more time available for their home life.