Editor's corner

As I mentioned in last month's eNewsletter, with the reactivation of publication of this eNewsletter after its pause last year during the pandemic, I've reduced my blog postings and switched some of the coverage of the coronavirus' current and post-pandemic impact on out-of-home leisure to this eNewsletter. In this issue you'll find an in-depth examination of the potential impact increased working from home might have on out-of-home entertainment and arts.

We also have a great article in this issue by a highly-respected and knowledgeable industry colleague, Kevin Williams, on industry trends and opportunities. Then there's some up-to-date information on Americans' pizza preferences and information on some of our agritourism projects.

With infections on the decline and the roll-out of vaccines, it's looking promising that we might return to some sense of normalcy by the end of the year, with an increase in business to so many out-of-home businesses that have been struggling during the pandemic, including location-based entertainment.

Stay safe and warm.