Editor's corner

The pandemic will have a long-term impact on consumer behavior, including their leisure and entertainment. As a result, every location-based consumer business, including restaurants and out-of-home entertainment and arts destinations, needs to rethink its business models in order to be relevant in the post-pandemic era.

In this issue, we are continuing analysis of the potential long-term changes to consumers' behaviors as it will impact location-based leisure businesses (LBLs). We also have coverage of two LBLs that are already in the process of making changes and a new concept arriving from the U.K.

I'm still occasionally blogging on the LBL industry and the impact of the pandemic on it. My blog last week was, Will vaccinations create a roaring rebound to attending in-person events? If you aren't signed up to get my blogs, you can by clicking here. I also post notices of the blogs on Linkedin and Twitter.