NAFDMA agritourism farm tour

Our company's clients include a diverse group of out-of-home entertainment and leisure type businesses. This includes the agritourism/agritainment industry - different types of farm-based entertainment and edutainment experiences and retail, including Fall pumpkin patches/corn mazes, u-pick, farmers markets, farm festivals, children's discovery farms, vineyards and hard cider breweries.

We are members of the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA) that represents agritourism/agritainment farms. This month, our CEO, Randy White, took part in their two-day tour of 13 different agritourism/agritainment business in the greater Minneapolis area and heard presentation from the owners and toured the properties.

The 90 attendees on NAFDMA's two-day tour of 13 agritourism businesses

If you have a consumer-facing farm-type business, this is the organization to join where you can learn from existing farms and gain knowledge to improve and grow your business. In addition to their webinars, they have an upcoming two-day learning retreat Oct 30-Nov 1 at Vala's Pumpkin Patch, the “Disney World of agritainment,” in Nebraska and their annual business conference Jan 31-Feb 4, 2020 in Charleston, SC.