Jim Kessler gives it to us straight

Jim Kessler is the owner operator to two Lasertron venues in Rochester and in Buffalo, NY. Just as we have been reporting in this eNewsletter and our articles, he too is seeing the out-of-home entertainment landscape becoming increasing crowded, what he even goes so far as to describe as “a bloody red ocean of competition.” Additionally, at-home entertainment options are gaining an increasing share of peoples' entertainment time and spending. His frustration with what he sees happening with so many venues in the industry finally drove him to post a number of blogs on Linkedin. These are a must read for anyone in the industry.

Part One

If you aren't in a bloody red ocean of competition, wait for it… wait for it… because it IS coming!!! And don't forget we are also in a full blown Battle Royale with in-home and digital entertainment, which is far more addictive and habit forming than what our out-of-home entertainment centers are currently providing. How do we escape or avoid getting trapped in the bloody red ocean? Continue reading Part One

Part Two

I want to start by identifying two major challenges to the long-term viability of the Out-of-Home Entertainment industry. Continue reading Part Two

Part Three

At the end of my previous post, I mentioned I would share some thoughts on how to create an attraction or service that is 10x better - below is another example of 10x as well as some thoughts on what it takes to create a 10x experience. Continue reading Part Three

Part Four

Jim answers the question of why he is writing these articles. Read Part Four