Disruption gives rise to a new business model

Our newest White Paper, Disruption gives rise to a new business model for future proof community based entertainment centers, looks at the changes to community-based entertainment centers and FECs since our company started working in the industry 26 years ago, the disruptive factors that are making old business models obsolete and describes what our research shows is the new future proof business model.

Here's a breakdown of the topics the White Paper covers:

  • It's a whole new world today
  • Leisure time is a zero sum game
  • Leisure time inequality
  • New competition from the digital world
  • Why the business model is obsolete
  • Changes to socialization
  • The data proves it
  • Declining participation
  • Electronic technology spending is winning
  • Crowding out of offline leisure
  • Loss of the middle class
  • Changing demographics
  • Future proofing - digital to the rescue
  • Conspicuous leisure
  • The flight to High Fidelity
  • The rise of adult social gathering venues

Rather than publish the White Paper in this eNewsletter, we decided to offer it as a PDF that you can download from our website. Click here to download it.